Don’t be late for Dinner this Thanksgiving – Schedule Service

November 12th, 2020 by

This Thanksgiving, make sure you get to dinner on time and don’t run into many potholes along the way. During the holiday season, many people must drive far to have dinner with their family members or friends. Some could run into a number of delays or series of unfortunate events that destroy their holiday plans completely, one of those delays that may prevent someone from having a delicious meal with family or friends is the vehicle breaking down during commute. It is not uncommon, and many people do end up on the side of the road. Unfortunately, drivers may also not be able to get their vehicle looked at that day due to most shops being closed for the holiday. Don’t want to end up on the side of the road this holiday? Our team here at Hyundai of Louisville can help.

Our team can make sure the vehicle is in top condition by servicing your vehicle ahead of time and inspecting:
1.All Fluids, such as engine oil, brake & transmission, windshield washer solvent, and antifreeze/coolant.
2.Hoses & Belts that can become brittle, frayed, loose, cracked, or show signs of excessive wear.
3.Tires, including tire pressure, tread and whether there are any bulges or bald spots.
4.Lights, to be sure they are all working correctly to be sure the driver can see and for others to see the vehicle.
5.Wipers are working properly to clear debris off the windshield for proper and safe view of the road.

Get the vehicle inspected ahead of time and don’t be a cold turkey on the side of the road this holiday.

You can schedule a time for us to look at your vehicle or do some general maintenance before or after your holiday plans online by visiting our SERVICE page! You can also speak to a Service Advisor by giving us a call at 502-215-3696. Stay warm and safe this holiday.


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