Tailgating Season Tips

When it comes to going to a big game, sometimes the tailgating is better than the game itself! It’s a fun atmosphere to build up energy and excitement and lets you hang out with others no matter where your seats are! Here are some great tips to make your tailgate great!


To get a great spot? The best time to arrive is four hours before game time, and the best time to eat is about two hours before. This way you’ve got plenty of set up and clean up time, and plenty to time to actually enjoy yourself!


Best hack I’ve seen yet? A toolbox, filled with barbecue tools, matches, openers, trash bags, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, sunscreen, bug spray, even condiments!

When you pack your cooler, make sure everything is chilled first. Bottles and cans go on the bottom, a layer of ice above, then meats and salads in sealed bags or containers. CHECK all your seals – there is nothing worse than opening a cooler to find a salad leaking oil or a pack of burgers dripping juices.

And a large plastic tub can be great for both packing and using as a trash can. Once you’ve unpacked, line it with a garbage bag. When it’s time to clean up, throw the bag away, and pack back into the tub.

Prep ahead of time. Do your marinating and burger forming at home. Slice your burger toppings and pack them ready to go. When there’s fun to be had, no one wants to be doing all the prep work.

Noon games can be fun too with a breakfast tailgate! Pancakes and sausage, breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches – you can set up a Bloody Mary bar instead of beer if you want to get fancy!

Don’t want to grill? Lots of fun food if you pack some hot packs or a crock pot. My kids love “traveling frito pie” or “walking tacos”. Buy the snack size bags of Fritos or Doritos, then set up the chili or taco meat in the hot pot with all the fixings.


If you want to make your car easy to spot, pick a balloon and tie it to your car. Then you can tell people to “look for the red balloon” instead of trying to describe what section you’re in.