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How important is peace of mind to you? What is the value of worry-free driving?

10 Year / 100,000 Mile Powertrain Warranty

Hyundai of Louisville understands that your vehicle is much more than a simple machine. It affects everything in your life from your family to your livelihood. We feel it is important to protect our customers against unforeseen service and costly repairs. That’s why we are so proud of the product we sell. Check our competitors and you’ll see that Hyundai still has America’s Best Warranty.
The next time you’re looking for a new vehicle in Louisville – stop at Bob Montgomery Chevrolet and ask “How long is the Chevy Cruze’s bumper-to-bumper warranty?” Or visit Sam Swope Honda World or Neil Huffman Nissan and inquire about their vehicle’s engine and transmission warranty. What do you think Bill Collins Ford will say about the warranty on your new Ford F-150? Does Ford’s standard powertrain warranty cover repairs after 5 years or 60,000 miles? No, but Hyundai’s does. Ask them how they compare to Hyundai’s warranty and they will undoubtedly tell you the same thing as Town & Country Ford or Cross Chrysler Jeep: Hyundai has America’s Best Warranty.

Have you ever driven down Shelbyville Road or Preston Highway and wondered, “How long before my vehicle breaks down?” Perhaps you’ve been searching online for new cars in Louisville, KY and wondered, “Who has the best powertrain warranty?”

A quick search will reveal that Hyundai covers the repair or replacement of powertrain components (i.e., selected engine and transmission/trans-axle components) for 10 years / 100,000 miles. That means vehicle components that were originally manufactured or installed by Hyundai that prove to be defective in material or factory workmanship are covered (as long as it broke under normal use and maintenance). Even better, this amazing warranty coverage not only applies to the original owner but also their immediate family members (i.e. husband, wife, son, stepson, daughter, stepdaughter, etc)! Can Bachman Nissan or Tafel Motors say the same?

Want even more good news? If you decide to sell your vehicle, subsequent owners of your Hyundai will keep the remainder of the 5-Year/60,000-Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty! This excludes people using their vehicles for commercial purposes (i.e., delivery services, taxi cabs, rental vehicles, etc.), however.

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5 Year / 60,000 Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty

By now, you know that Byerly Ford or Jeff Wyler Clarksville Toyota’s standard warranty cannot compare to Hyundai of Louisville’s. But, did you know that Hyundai also has the best bumper-to-bumper warranty? Simply ask Toyota of Louisville and they will tell you that their standard vehicle warranty is only 3 years or 36,000 miles. Ask Hyundai of Louisville proudly tells EVERYONE that our New Vehicle Limited Warranty is 5 YEARS / 60,000 MILES! Almost double the warranty of any other brand!
“That’s great,” you say. “But there’s lots of technology in these cars – what about THAT stuff?”

Good question.

We’re proud of our warranty and we want you to understand why Hyundai is the BEST. So here are the specific components that are covered, how long they are covered, and the mileage limits:

  • The vehicle’s battery is covered for 3 years/unlimited miles. For the first two years/unlimited miles, the battery is 100% covered. After 2 years but within 3 years, 25% of the battery’s cost is covered and 100% of the labor costs are covered).
  • The air conditioner’s coolant is covered for 1 year/unlimited miles.
  • If adjustments must be made – they are covered for 1 year/12,000 miles
  • Paint is covered 3 years/36,000 miles (for specific details, contact our service department)
  • Components that are subject to wear and tear such as brake pads and linings, belts, clutch linings, wiper blades, filters, bulbs, and fuses are covered for 1 year/12,000 miles
  • The vehicle’s radio and audio systems (i.e. the CD player, the GPS system, DVD player, and Bluetooth®) are covered for 3 years/36,000 miles.The Equus is covered for 5 years/60,000 miles
  • Now ask yourself, “Can Bob Hook Chevrolet or Craig and Landreth say that the same about their standard warranties?”

    7 Year / Unlimited Miles Anti-Perforation Warranty

    What about rust? Louisville, Kentucky is certainly not Buffalo, New York, however we do get our fair share of snow, ice, and salt. That’s a recipe for rust. Hyundai of Louisville wants to protect you from weather and environmental elements that can sometimes compromise the longevity of your vehicle. Rust is your vehicle’s worst enemy. That’s why our Ant-Perforation Warranty covers 7 years/unlimited miles. This applies to all newer model years (starting with the 2005 model year – previously 5 years/100,000 miles for 2004 and prior model years). Specifically, this coverage protects against perforation (just a fancy word for a rust hole that penetrates the body panel from inside to outside). It covers corrosion of the original Hyundai body sheet metal.
    So, if you are traveling in your Hyundai Accent in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and your door won’t open due to defects in material or possibly factory workmanship – don’t panic! You’re covered. This applies, of course, to normal use and maintenance and excludes surface rust.

    5 Year / Unlimited Miles 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

    Life is unpredictable. Sometimes emergencies happen. Isn’t it nice to know that someone cares?
    Picture this: you’re driving your new Hyundai Sonata in Clarksville, Indiana on your way to Huber’s Farm in Starlight when suddenly you break down. What would you do? Start walking to your mechanic in New Albany? Relax, Hyundai of Louisville is here for you. We want our customers to feel safe and secure. For five years, no matter how many miles you drive, Hyundai owners receive roadside assistance. We want you to feel confident that, should you go on a Bourbon Tour in Bardstown, Kentucky, that you will not be stranded if a problem arises. Roadside assistance is effective from the date the vehicle is delivered to you (or the first retail buyer) – essentially, the date that the vehicle was put into service (in-service date), whichever is earlier.


    • Tell them your name and/or the name of the vehicle driver
    • Give them the vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Give them your location – if you do not know the exact address, give general landmarks
    • Explain the issue that you are experiencing (flat tire, dead battery, out of gas, etc.)

    12 Month / 12,000 Mile Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty

    From time to time, parts break. But, they shouldn’t break immediately.
    Hyundai is very proud of the vehicles it makes and stands firmly behind their product. We are committed to covering the repair or replacement of any Hyundai Genuine Replacement Parts or Accessories supplied by Hyundai. So, if a part on your new Hyundai Veloster were to break while showing your brother-in-law the wonders of Fourth Street Live, we’ll replace it – as long as it was defective in material or factory workmanship (and under normal maintenance and use).

    Not only that – but we’ll also take care of any Genuine Hyundai Parts or Accessories supplied by Hyundai and purchased from an authorized Hyundai dealer. Even if it was not installed by an authorized Hyundai dealer – you’re still covered for 12 months/unlimited miles. Plus, any accessories that were installed on your vehicle’s date of first use (i.e. at the time of use or prior to) are covered under Hyundai’s unbeatable 5-Year / 60,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Accessories installed after the vehicle’s date of first use are covered for 12 months/12,000 miles. Think about it: are you going to get that kind of peace of mind buying used cars from 44 Auto Mart?

    Hybrid Warranty Coverage

    Let me guess: you’ve heard a lot about hybrid cars but you’re concerned about the technology and repair bills. Not to worry! Hyundai has built these cars to last and their commitment to quality and excellence shows. Not only can Hyundai of Louisville brag about having America’s Best Warranty (we tell EVERYONE on Dixie Highway) – it even applies to the Sonata Hybrid!

    ComponentOriginal Owner Subsequent Owner
    Hybrid Battery Lifetime* 10 years / 100,000 miles
    Hybrid Starter/ Generator 10 years / 100,000 miles 10 years / 100,000 miles
    Hybrid Power Control Unit 10 years / 100,000 miles 10 years / 100,000 miles
    Automatic Transmission (Including Traction Motor) 10 years / 100,000 miles 10 years / 100,000 miles

    *The Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty applies to all U.S. 2012 and 2013 model-year Sonata Hybrids. The Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty ensures that if the lithium polymer battery fails, Hyundai will replace the battery and cover recycling costs for the old battery free of charge to the original owner. The Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty does not apply to lease, commercial vehicles or vehicles serviced outside the U.S.

    To most people, warranties represent peace of mind. They are an assurance that the product you are purchasing will perform the way it should, for as long as you expect, without incurring unexpected, additional expenses. Hyundai understands the importance of warranties and stands firmly behind its product with complete confidence.

    But, don’t take our word for it.

    See why ranks Hyundai FIRST in its article Automakers Best Car Warranties.

    Compare Hyundai to the Competition

    MakePowertrain Warranty (Years /Miles) Basic Warranty (Years / Miles) Corrosion Warranty (Years / Miles) Roadside Assistance
    Hyundai10/100,000 5/60,000 7/Unlimited 5/Unlimited
    Ford 5/60,000 3/36,000 5/Unlimited 5/60,000
    Chevrolet 5/100,000 3/36,000 6/Unlimited 5/100,000
    Honda5/60,000 3/36,000 5/Unlimited Not Offered!
    Toyota5/60,000 3/36,000 5/Unlimited 2/25,000
    Mazda5/60,000 3/36,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
    Nissan5/60,000 3/36,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
    BMW4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
    Mercedes-Benz 4/50,000 4/50,000 4/50,000 Unlimited
    Hyundai of Louisville is located at: 6633 Dixie Highway • Louisville, KY 40258

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