Driving Tips for Teens

Driving Tips for Teens

Driving Tips for Teens

Get a teen safe Hyundai at Hyundai of Louisville!

Do you have a teen driver or a teen preparing to get behind the wheel? Then we here at Hyundai of Louisville have come up with some tips to help them prepare. Keep in mind that the more safety advice you give your teen, the better chance they will have to drive safely and responsibly when they get their license and head out on the open road. Learning to drive is an exciting time for your teen as it gives them a kind of freedom that they didn’t have while their parents were driving them everywhere. Check out these tips below, and if you are looking for a safe vehicle for your teen to get around in, check out our lot here at Hyundai of Louisville!

Never Text and Drive

Smartphones can be a huge distraction for your teen, and teaching your teen that texting and driving don’t go together is extremely important. Your teen might think they can multi-task and do both, but trust us when we tell you that they cannot. An accident can happen very quickly, and the time they think they can send a quick text or make a phone call can cause an accident that can wreck the vehicle. So make sure that you hammer into your teen the importance of not texting when they get behind the wheel.

Don’t Turn on Cruise Control When It’s Raining

Cruise control is a beneficial feature to use when traveling down the highway, but your teen needs to switch off the cruise control immediately when the rain starts coming down. The roads can become slippery when wet, and if your teen has the cruise control turned on, it can cause their wheels to slip, and they can lose control of the car, which can cause an accident. So let your teen know that they shouldn’t be using cruise control if there is precipitation in the forecast.

Get Your Teen in a Defensive Driving Course

You should continually educate your teen on the importance of safe driving. This may include enrolling your teen in a defensive driving course that will allow your teen to understand their car better, learn different driving tips, and be further prepared to drive safely and securely on the road. These are essential skills that will help assist them in every aspect of their driving life and make them better drivers in the long run.

Buckle Up

Before your teen starts the car, they need to buckle their seatbelt each time they step behind the wheel! That way, they don’t have to think twice about it. Make sure that your teen knows that seatbelts are designed to keep them safe, and wearing one is a priority when they get behind the wheel and start the vehicle up. It will protect them should they ever be in an accident.

Don’t Drive Friends Around Until Comfortable

One of the most significant reasons that your teen wants to get their driver’s license is so they can drive their friends around. While this might be a fun idea, your teen must understand that if they have extra people in the car, it can be a significant distraction that can turn into a safety issue. Be sure to have your teen practice driving alone for a while before they add new people into the equation. This way, they will be more comfortable with their processes and be comfortable behind the wheel even when other passengers are involved.

Get a Teen Safe Vehicle here at Hyundai of Louisville

Now that your teen has some tips for handling their driving lives, they will need a safe vehicle to match! Here at Hyundai of Louisville, we have many Hyundais that come with safety systems such as blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assist. So be sure to flag down one of our knowledgable and friendly sales team members who will be more than happy to find you the best vehicle for you and your teen. You can also test drive any of the vehicles on our lot. If you find something you like, we have a complete finance department that will work with you towards a deal that will suit your budget. Even if you can’t make it to the dealership right now, you can still view our entire inventory here on our website!