Hyundai Air Conditioning Service in Louisville, KY

Hyundai Air Conditioning Service in Louisville KY

Hyundai Air Conditioning Service in Louisville, KY

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It’s that first hot day after winter, and you turn your Hyundai’s air conditioning system on its blowing warm air. This means your system probably needs to be recharged. All refrigerants tend to displace oxygen, which means the system can empty itself. In this situation, you need to have your system recharged.

What is the first thing that happens when I have my A/C checked?

Once you make your appointment and take your Hyundai in, the technician will measure the amount of pressure in your system. If they discover that it is low, they will add more refrigerant to match the manufacturer’s specifications. Next, the technician will run your car with the A/C on high while using a thermometer to measure the system’s output. This will tell them if your system leaks.

How do you check for leaks in an air conditioning system?

 Fixing a leak within an air conditioning system can be challenging. The first thing the technician will do in this situation is to hook your Hyundai up to a unique refrigerant recovery system and drain any of the harmful gases. While the machine is draining your system, the technician will inspect the hard lines of the A/C system to check for any obvious cracks. A tracker dye may be added to your system to help them spot any leaks. The bad news is that the tracker dye is not a cure-all, and leaks can be hard to find. The good news is that these lines are made out of aluminum and hardly ever fail. Most often, it’s the components in the system that fail.

What is the purpose of the condenser in my car?

Your Hyundai’s air conditioner system has a few different components, the main being the compressor. Your car’s serpentine belt spins the compressor. As it spins, it builds up pressure in the system’s refrigerant. This change in pressure is what cools the air coming into your cabin. The compressor turns super fast, and just like any part, the more it is used, the faster it can wear out. In this case, the more likely it is to leak. Oil is used to help cool and lubricate the compressor, but the seals will fail and cause a leak in the system if that oil runs low.

Where is the condenser located in my car?

The next possible component is the system’s condenser. The air conditioning condenser is a large heat exchanger. They are usually located in the front of your Hyundai’s engine bay; it looks like a little radiator. Due to their location, they tend to be more likely to be hit by debris. If the condenser is pierced or punctured by an object, then this is your problem.

Is there such thing as a receiver dryer in my car’s A/C system?

If your compressor and your condenser are all good, it is recommended to change out the smaller components of the system. The top offenders are the receiver dryer, evaporator, and expansion valve. The receiver dryer takes the condensation out of the refrigerant, which helps prevent corrosion in the system.

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If you have a question about your air conditioning system or would like to schedule an appointment to have a certified technician examine it, Hyundai of Louisville would be happy to help. We believe car maintenance should be carefree. This is why Hyundai created Car Care, a complete and convenient vehicle service from an authorized Hyundai dealer using high-quality genuine Hyundai parts is an unbeatable combination that helps keep your vehicle running perfectly.