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Hyundai Brake Services

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The health and well-being of your Hyundais brakes are vital. Without proper service, you will lose the ability to stop your Hyundai, which obviously heightens your probability of an accident and puts you and other cars on the road at serious risk. While everyone knows the important purpose that your brakes serve, we will often forget to maintain them. Drivers need their brakes to perform at 100 percent every time they get behind the wheel, which means that you should always bring your Hyundai in for regular brake checks at Hyundai of Louisville. In this article, we will go over some everyday steps that are important in making sure your brakes function properly.

Your brakes wear out during heavy use

How you use your Hyundai’s brakes will make a huge difference in how your vehicle operates. If you tend to press down hard on your brakes, you not only decreasing your fuel-efficiency, you are also wearing out your brakes. Pressing down hard on your brakes leads to your pads and rotors wearing out quickly. The heat that comes off your brakes needs some time to dissipate, so make sure you’re using light pressure on your brakes when you stop your Hyundai.

Check for warning signs

All automotive maintenance tips that you read will tell you that recognizing that you have a problem with the Hyundai’s brakes and then responding to the problem is typically the best course of action. If your Hyundai’s brakes are making a high pitched squealing sound while you’re stopping the vehicle, don’t ignore it! Bring your Hyundai into Hyundai of Louisville and let our experts figure out what is making the squealing sound. This noise can be caused by anything from a build-up of dirt and grime to worn-out brake pads and even contaminated brake fluid.

Get regular brake maintenance done

When you take your Hyundai down for maintenance here at Hyundai of Louisville, you are allowing our experts to go over every inch of your brakes and solve potential problems before they arise. Be sure to check your Hyundai’s owner’s manual to know how often your Hyundai’s brakes need to be serviced. If you are still not sure, a good tip is to get them serviced every 12,000 miles. Every 25,000 miles, your brake pads will wear out and need to be replaced, and your brake fluid will need to be changed around the same time. Your Hyundai’s brake rotors will last a bit longer, especially if you’re avoiding hard braking and heavy use.

Check your load management

If you use your Hyundai to tow a ton of material, your brakes will wear out slightly earlier than normal, which means you will have to get frequent brake checks. The last thing you want is to have you and your Hyundai be stranded on the side of the road due to bad brakes while you’re on the job. No matter how many miles you travel or how many times you need to have service done on your brakes, you can always count on the experts here at Hyundai of Louisville to check your breaks and have them serviced quickly and efficiently.

Get outstanding brake service at Hyundai of Louisville

Are your Hyundai’s breaks in need of service? Head down to Hyundai of Louisville and have our technicians ensure that your brakes are safe enough to drive with! It’s important that you not hesitate to get brake service done when you need it as they are an essential part of your vehicle. You can schedule your service by heading to our dealership or by making an appointment here on our website. We can’t wait to work on your brakes here at Hyundai of Louisville!