Hyundai Oil Change Services Louisville, KY

Hyundai Oil Change Services Louisville, KY

Hyundai Oil Change Services Louisville, KY

Get Your Oil Changed at Hyundai of Louisville


Chances are you know that keeping your Hyundai’s engine oil clean and fresh is the number one way to make the engine last longer. Have you ever wondered why that is, though? After all, car and truck engines have oil filters, what’s up with the continuous oil changes?

Well, oil gets more than just dirty as you use your vehicle. Engine oil has lots of special chemical additives in it that break down over time. When this happens, the fine dirt and metals that are normally suspended in the oil sink and create sludge. And, sludge is your engine’s worst friend.
Let’s take a closer look at what engine oil really does inside your engine. There’s an old saying that oil is the “life blood” of your engine. There’s good reason for this.

What does engine oil really do?

Its primary function is to lubricate. When your engine is running, all the moving parts, pistons, valves, and other components are sliding by each other at high rates of speed. Without lubricating oil, these components would rub metal-on-metal against each other, and would soon start to wear out. Engine oil prevents this from happening by keeping internal surfaces slippery and friction-free. There’s a second major thing oil does too. Not many people realize that the oil flowing around in an engine provides a cooling function. Some parts of an engine run considerably hotter than others (such as the pistons and combustion chambers) and a fresh supply of oil slashing over those parts allows them to run much cooler than they normally would. This, in turn, promotes longer life of the internal engine parts because there is less heat stress on them.

So why is it so important to keep your car engine’s oil clean?

During normal operation, engines create dirt and grit as a function of the combustion process. This occurs because tiny particles created when gasoline burns in the cylinders make their way into the crankcase where the oil is. And when this stuff gets suspended in your engine oil, the oil gets dirty. And, when this happens it doesn’t lubricate as well, and it doesn’t cool as well. This is why routine oil and filter changes are necessary to keep the engine in your Hyundai in peak condition.

Clean oil saves you money!

Let’s get down to brass tacks: oil changes are cheap when you consider the alternative. It’s simple: engines running with dirty oil don’t last as long so compare the average cost of a years’ worth of oil changes ($150-$200) to the cost of major engine repair ($2500-$6000). The benefit to your wallet is quite clear.

Oil Changes for your Hyundai in Louisville, KY

There are many ways to get your Hyundai’s oil changed, but one really is best. Yes, you can also go to an oil change franchise, such as Jiffy Lube, but for the best service, your best bet is to go to Hyundai of Louisville and have an experienced, professional technician change it. Then you know that the best oil will be used and the finest care will be taken. Does the oil need to be changed in your Hyundai? You can schedule expert service here on the Web for the professionals at Hyundai of Louisville to take care of it for you.