Tips for Driving in the Snow

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Tips for Driving in the Snow

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Winter is settling in, and with it, that means that the weather is going to start turning too. We all know that driving in the snow is a much different experience than any other road condition. This is something that you need to be prepared for, no matter how much snow an area is likely going to get during an average winter. That’s why, here at Hyundai of Louisville, we want to give all of our customers in the local area as much information as possible to prepare for the inevitable! We are going to be giving you some helpful tips that hopefully work in giving you the confidence you need to deal with that pesky snow. Your Hyundai is already incredibly safe and efficient, but being prepare is never a bad thing. Keep reading down below!

Drive smoothly

Our first major tip when it comes to driving in the snow is to be as smooth with your movements as possible. You do not want to be jerking the steering wheel around, as that can unstick the tires, which you are absolutely depending on for all of the traction that they bring with them. This is the same with brakes, which you should not be slamming down on, as that can also cause problems for traction. That is why we recommend you make all of your movements gradual, gentle, and deliberate. Think of it this way, pretend like there’s a hot coffee sitting in your lap that you are trying hard not to spill.

Look ahead

One thing that will always be good to have is information. And by that we mean, the more your eyes take in what is in front of you, the better you will be able to make decisions quickly and safely. You should always be looking as far down the road in front of you as you are able. This means, that when you do have to start and slow down, you can listen to our first tip, and do so slowly, without causing any more accidents. More concentration is necessary during these bad weather events.

Handling the skidding

No matter how careful of a driver you are, you are eventually going to have to deal with a car that feels like it is starting to slide away from the direction that you want it to go. We wish we could say this is avoidable, but that just isn’t true. The first thing we want you to know is that you should never immediately put your foot on the brake in this instance. The first actual step should be to take your foot off the gas, and to allow your tires to regain the traction and aim your vehicle where you want it to go. Never use your brakes.

Snow tires

For anyone that is still nervous, no matter how many tips you read about, you might seriously consider getting snow tires. While these tires are not recommended for any other time of year, they might be useful for anyone who has serious winter driving anxiety. We can make sure we offer them here at Hyundai of Louisville!

Snow Driving at Hyundai of Louisville

There is nothing wrong with making sure you are prepared for anything that might happen this coming winter! At Hyundai of Louisville, we would love to help you get your Hyundai winter-ready! Stop on by our service center today, and we can hopefully alleviate any anxieties you have been having.